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SKATTERBRANE! Custom Hand Wound P.A.F. Electric Guitar Pickups

Welcome to SKATTERBRANE Custom Hand Wound Electric Guitar Pickups, maker of humbucker, Gibson style P90 single coils and Telecaster electric guitar pickups.

In this modern world of custom hand wound humbucking guitar pickups, the choices are endless and can be daunting. I know tone seekers, like myself, are very particular and demanding when it comes to electric guitar pickup selection. It seems humbucker users are the most particular, and rightfully so!

I have been making pickups for 7 years now. What I have experienced in this time is my customers typically come to me last, after having tried many of the highly regarded electric guitar pickups out there, whether they be one of the big two, or old timer experts, or the more recent well reviewed top boutique winders. .

I think it is nigh time for me to be more bold about how I present my guitar pickups.  The consistent theme I see from my customer’s emails is they have finally found the tone they have been looking for all these years, after all their attempts trying various different guitar pickups.

Basically my customers are pleasantly surprised; as are their techs or luthiers they may employ to  install the SKATTERBRANES for them. Whether they are installed in their Les Paul, SG, ES-335, PRS, or even some custom made guitar, the reaction is “FINALLY”.

It should no longer be a surprise, SKATTERBRANE pickups excel in tonal quality. All SKATTERBRANE  humbuckers are in the realm of P.A.F. output territory. I have 12 humbucking pickups to choose from. Although the Earthbranes make up 70% of my total sales, I have something for almost anyone who is seeking classic or vintage humbucking pickup tone.

So, do not wonder, or be surprised.  SKATTERBRANES have the tone. Tone is the name of the game.

I invite you to my site to look over the reviews, clips and my banter, pictures and information; to see if you too will be one of those people who remark “finally, I have found the tone I have been chasing all this time.”

I have 12 different P.A.F. humbucker pickup models. I have a series of P90 style pickups, called Firebranes. and now I offer Broadbranes, a Telecaster pickup set.

To my fellow musicians, guitar players, music lovers; whether you’re into Blues, Jazz, Metal, Rock, Country, Surf, Reggae, Punk… your Tone Chase ends here.

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Why do people replace their guitar pickups? Well, some people want the best humbuckers for their Les Paul, SG, or other guitar they can get. It is a matter of personal taste. They often seek out custom hand wound electric guitar pickups from the many different boutique winders out there. Sometimes they have to try a few or many different humbucker pickups until they “finally” find the set of pickups that suits them best. Often times people replace the stock pickup in their brand new Gibson. It is like when a person gets a new car and wants to upgrade their tires from the mediocre factory rubber.

I know before I started SKATTERBRANE, I tried many boutique and big brand humbucker electric guitar pickups. Some were custom wound, others were P.A.F. replicas, or generally thought to be the best humbucking pickups out there. I bought, tried and eventually sold many and never found the tone I had hoped for. I generally reverted back to the stock Gibson pickups that came in the various and numerous Les Pauls in my collection. I then started experimenting with just humbucker pickups and decided I could wind a set of electric guitar pickups to suit my taste. And now I have expanded to include minibuckers, P90s and Telecaster single coils. This is in addition to my 12 full sized humbucker or P.A.F. models

Now more and more people are trying SKATTERBRANE pickups, as it is finally being understood that tone matters and SKATTERBRANES deliver TONE.

Custom Hand Wound Electric Guitar Pickups

Broadbrane Chrome Cover

Broadbrane Chrome Cover

P90 Vintage Cream Cover

P90 Vintage Cream Cover

P.A.F. Replica Cover Nickel

P.A.F. Replica Cover Nickel

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